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Women Rocking Their Natural Gray Hair Could Be This Year’s New Trend

Gray hair in is often deemed undesirable, especially in women.

People feel the need to the dye it over and pretend they aren’t going gray, even though that’s a totally normal and natural part of aging!

But this year, a new trend has come out that looks like it might just be changing that: silver hair.

All around the world, women are growing out their natural grey hair, showing it off instead of dyeing it and hiding it.

1. Learning and Healing

grombre / Instagram

In fifth grade, this woman developed trichotillomania, which is compulsive pulling and breaking of the hair, under the severe stress of beauty standards.

She didn’t want to be seen as attractive due to sexual trauma and PTSD.

Years later, she began to heal and confront her past – and her hair began to grow out again, so she’s chosen to allow her silver to shine through.

2. Stylish

grombre / Instagram

This confident woman knows her silver hair can be a fashion statement!

3. Trying Color

grombre / Instagram

After 2 years going dye free, this woman is learning to inject life into other areas of her life – like her bright, bold red lipstick.

4. An Example

grombre / Instagram

This woman wants to prove to her daughter and her daughter’s friends that aging isn’t a bad thing – it can be done gracefully, and with loads of love and confidence.

She’s all about embracing inner beauty and outer uniqueness, all in one!

5. Streak

grombre / Instagram

When a stranger called her a skunk because of her one white streak in her hair, this woman took comfort in knowing she is made just as God intended.

6. Confident

grombre / Instagram

She feels braver and more confident with every new length of gray hair she sees grow!

7. Enhance It

grombre / Instagram

After years of hiding her graying locks, this woman decided to try using products that would enhance them and show them off instead.

She’s learning to embrace change and now, after 2 years of this, her confidence has grown immensely!

8. Fake It

grombre / Instagram

After practising a “fake it until you make it” sort of mindset to help her anxiety and depression, this woman applied the same idea to her hair.

She just let the gray grow out and pretended she didn’t think it looked bad – and now, she genuinely loves it.

9. Natural

grombre / Instagram

With premature graying beginning at the age of 30, this woman was frustrated that beauty standards dictated she hide it.

When her roots began showing after just two weeks covered by dye, that’s when she knew it was time to drop it. Now, she’s embracing the natural way.

10. A Full Head

grombre / Instagram

This woman was in 7th grade when she sprouted her first gray hair, which a friend affectionately called “unicorn hair”.

By the time she was 16, she had so much of this unicorn hair that she spent six years dyeing it monthly and regularly moving her parting around to cover it.

Then, one day, she got sick of spending all that cash and time on something like this, and she stopped altogether.

Now she’s 27 years old, and sporting a full head of beautiful gray hair!

Many of these women are showcased on an Instagram account called grombre, which you should definitely follow if you’d like to see more of these beautiful women and their amazing hair!