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This Woman’s Home Is So Infested With Bees That She Has Honey Dripping Down The Walls

In Spring, Texas,  Latanja Levine’s house has met with an extremely sticky situation of the worst kind – a bee infestation. There were hundreds of bees flying around constantly, and has even stung the neighbors! The roofers who came to fix Latanja’s roof were surprised – globs of honey were dripping down from the ceiling! It went on for 3 to 4 days.

Image Credit: AOL

Even though bee professionals were hired to stop and reduce the infestation, this poor woman still had to deal with her honey-soaked home – by bearing with it. Even her curtains had honey on them! At least 50,000 honey bees have been relocated, all but one – the queen bee herself.

Image Credit: AOL

Watch the video below!

Horror of horrors – I wouldn’t want these bees to be living in my home!

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