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Woman’s Facebook Message To The “Dirtbag” Who Dumped This Dog Goes Viral

One day, a man named Dion Cole was in the midst of rushing to work when he stumbled across something on the road. It was a pickup truck. It pulled over, and someone from the vehicle had tossed a dog out before driving off. Dion watched it all happen with a face full of horror.

He quickly phoned his wife about the matter, and she too felt so disgusted with the man, leading to a Facebook post dedicated to him or her. Because that dog suffered so much.

The dog couldn’t believe that it was dumped just like that, and even chased the truck till its legs and paws gave out on him!

Image Credit: Flickr

Dion tried to approach the dog, but it got spooked and ran off into the woods.

Image Credit: Flickr