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Woman’s Cigarette Blows Up Car After Couple Forgets What They Had Inside (Photos)

An SUV that carried a propane-powered grill exploded on the road near the Central Florida Fairgrounds on August 13th. A couple were driving in their KIA Sorrento and when the woman lighted a cigarette, the grill had exploded as it was powered on.

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The explosion caused the windows to shatter and the car crashed into a pole nearby. Thankfully, no one was killed but only suffered burn injuries. They were immediately brought to the hospital for treatment.

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In these cases, make sure that the cylinder is secured in an upright position. If you are in a passenger vehicle, the cylinder should be on the floor with the window open. Or place it in the trunk of the car using a tote box to contain it, the trunk should also be partially open to allow ventilation.

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Retailers can also provide a special latch for the car trunk, this will allow the trunk to stay partially open without blocking the driver’s vision. If a vehicle carries more than five cylinders, it should be placarded.

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