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Woman Wraps Wet Hair In T-Shirt To Reveal A Stunning Hair Hack

Women often have extensive morning routines. They need to primp and comb and perfect their looks.

Many people will judge you based on how you look – so it is important to look your best!

One thing that will ruin your hair really quickly is if you use too much heat. Curling irons and blow dryers can do more harm than good (so use them wisely)!

If you have curly hair, the video below will show you how to “plop” or “plunk” your hair.

Plopping, according to BuzzFeed is a way to dry your curls to perfection and it gives you the natural look!

You will need a t-shirt to be your “plopping turban.” Watch and learn, Ladies!

Take a look!

The method described in the video doesn’t use any heat and you can achieve a frizz-free look!

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