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Woman Walks Dog Close To Edge Of Turbulent Waters Then Tosses It Like Trash

Some people are the lowest scum of the earth. Take the woman in this video as an example of what I mean. The video was taken at Showse Park in Vermilion, Ohio and it clearly shows the heartless woman push and then tosses her dog into the turbulent and cold water of Lake Erie last week. As you can imagine when the video surfaced, there was a lot of outrage.

A witness, Elijah Boggs said that he tried to stop the woman. The woman told him that she was trying to teach her dog to swim. When you watch the video and see how high the waves are, you will understand how this explanation was pure garbage. There was an ugly exchange between Boggs and the woman, and she eventually left with the dog.

Take a look at this video

What bothers me is that she will probably try a stunt like this again. Let’s hope that the dog will be taken from her soon!

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]