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Woman And Two Dogs Walked On Stage. When The Music Started Everyone Was Stunned!

Mary Ray is the ‘magician’ featured in the video below. She is called the “Godmother of Heelwork to Music,” and you will soon see how she earned that designation. Once a year, dog handlers gather at Crufts, the United Kingdom’s largest dog show. The dogs are trained to dance and do “heelwork.” Heelwork is a dog sport where dogs have routines that go along with music.

The sport has evolved since the 1990s. Part of the routing the dogs must work at heel. The dog and handlers have a choreographed routine set to music. Mary Ray and her dogs performed this routine at the 2017 show. You will no doubt recognize the song as “Singing in the Rain.”

Take a look at this video

I’m sure you were impressed and floored at how well trained the two dogs were! I am lucky if my dog comes to me when I call her!

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