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Woman Trips On An Escalator In The Mall, Dropping Her Baby To Its Death

A trip to the mall with your kids, and she pulls out a long dress. She might have good fashion sense in doing so, but ironically, it endangered herself and killed one of her children. This unfortunate story took place in one of Uzbekistan’s shopping malls, where a woman tripped on her dress.

At the O’zbegim Shopping Center located in the city of Andijan, a young mother, with an older child and an infant in tow, tripped on an escalator – her black dress was too long, and the fabric was caught in between the escalator steps.

After she tripped, her baby, to her utter dismay, flew out of her arms and over the escalator she was on. It was a 40-feet straight drop down to the ground floor of the mall. The steep drop similar to the height of a 4-storey building, killed the infant instantly.

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Paramedics rushed to the scene in an attempt to save the infant’s life, but to no avail.

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The recorded footage has sparked both horror and outrage worldwide.

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Some even blamed the mother herself for her clothing choice – is she really at fault here?

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Click to watch the video below:

Rest in peace, poor baby.

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