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This Woman’s Selfie Of A Ghost In Her Car Has Us Pretty Freaked Out

Ghosts have long been a popular topic of debate amongst science whizzes and those interested in the supernatural. While pictures and videos proved otherwise, people would commonly think that science has the ability to prove everything. Well, not entirely as one woman finds out.

Melissa Kurtz is a mother of two children hailing from sunny Florida – she was on a drive with her daughter Harper in tow. All things seemed to go smoothly and normal until Harper decided to snap a selfie of her mother. Upon close examination, it was NOT Harper behind her mother – it was a young boy! And no one was there besides the two. A ghost in their photo?

It was amazing that the woman did not freak out right after she took the photo, though!

Ghost-busting myth, maybe?

After all, paranormal activity in photos are almost unheard of – except in ghost stories.

So what do you think? Do ghosts really exist – you decide!

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