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Social Worker Visits Woman Living In Tiny Apartment, Then Sees Over 300 Birds Inside

I have heard of people who hoard cats and dogs – but never about a bird hoarder. Stories like this make my heart sad. The woman in this story started out with a passion for birds that soon turned into a big problem. She lived with her elderly mother in an apartment in Vienna, Austria and started with eight parakeets.

The eight parakeets soon grew into 323 birds – in a tiny apartment! As you can imagine, most landlords are not going to be willing to put up with that many pets, and the woman and her mother were about to be evicted! The woman reached out to Gut Aiderbichl, which is a group of social workers that specialize in rescuing animals.

Watch the video below to see what an apartment with 323 birds looks like and what the group was able to do to help the woman and her mother.

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