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Woman Claims Dogs Can Fly Before Throwing Helpless Puppy Off Bridge

A woman who was mentally ill claimed that dogs could fly.

To prove her point on Wednesday, she threw a Jack Russell terrier over a bridge in Florida. The dog, named BJ, survived the 50-foot fall.

She didn’t suffer any broken bones, but one of his legs was dislocated. A lifeguard saw the dog and remained with him until help arrived.

BJ was cared for at the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control center.

Because the person responsible for throwing BJ over the bridge is a member of the family that adopted him, BJ will stay at the shelter for the time being.

The person responsible is may eventually face charges. In the video, you will see BJ being transported off the beach on a stretcher.

Take a look at this video

Let us hope the family gets this girl some help and allows BJ to find a loving family that won’t put him in harm’s way.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]