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Woman With Strep Throat Shows Boyfriend Her Hand Saying She Was Turning Into A Witch

Health insurance is important to have. It may be expensive, but it really can help save you. Shelby Smith didn’t have health insurance, so when she got strep throat, she didn’t go to a doctor. Strep throat is a bacterial infection and can affect people of all ages, accruing to the Mayo Clinic. Shelby figured she could fight the illness off herself at home.

She figured wrong. Her fever spiked, and her fingers and toes were turning black. Even her nose turned blue. Shelby was rushed to the hospital where doctors were forced to amputate finger and toes to help save her life! During her hospital stay, Shelby was on the brink of death, her organs had begun to shut down. Watch the video below to learn more.

Take a look at this video

Don’t let this happen to you! Go to the doctor and get antibiotics to treat strep throat!

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