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Woman Steps Out To Check Mail – Opens Mailbox And Sees A Guinea Pig Staring At Her

It is not every day you open your mailbox and find a guinea pig hanging out inside! A woman in Kansas did! The poor guinea pig was reportedly quite terrified. Someone had left the guinea pig in her mailbox without food or water. The woman called the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, and they sent someone to pick up the guinea pig.

The guinea pig was taken to the Emporia Animal Shelter where it was determined that she was a healthy young adult. She was named Rosita.

After some investigating, it was determined that Rosita was intentionally abandoned in the mailbox and charges against the person responsible are pending.

The only bright spot in this story is that Rosita was found and rescued. At least the person who abandoned her put her in a mailbox and didn’t just let her loose in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully, she will find a new loving forever home soon!

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