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Woman Goes To Steal Sleeping Man’s Cellphone But Ends Up Getting A Literal Shock

Parents should teach their children to differentiate between right and wrong. They should explain to them that taking something that doesn’t belong to them (without paying) is wrong. Sadly, some people never learned that lesson – or if they did, they choose to take things that don’t belong to them anyway. this is why these people decided to pull a prank.

They put a taser in a phone! A man pretended to sleep on a park bench with the phone on the ground. In broad daylight, a woman tried to take the phone right out of his pocket! Needless to say, she got quite a shock! She wasn’t the only one! Watch the video below to see how the people reacted when the taser was activated!

Take a look at this video!

Amazing how slick some people were when they stole the phone. A few were less clever about it. Maybe they will all think twice about stealing after this!

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