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Woman Goes Outside After Squeezing Limes And Ends Up In Emergency Room (Video)

Many home cooks will tell you that a little lemon or lime juice can really help perk up a meal. But, did you know that lime juice can damage your skin if you aren’t careful? It has to do with the sun, if you don’t rinse off the lime juice carefully, you could get burned! Morgan Moore was preparing limes at a family barbecue.

A short time later, she felt a burning sensation on her hands – and there were blisters too! She suffered third-degree burns – from limes! The condition is called phytophotodermatitis (also called Lime Disease or Margarita photodermatitis) and is caused by a reaction between the sun and the chemicals found in citrus juice.

Take a look at this video

To prevent burns like Morgan’s you should wash your hands and apply sunscreen.

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