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Woman Spots Mannequin Of Herself In Window, Looks Around And Struggles To Hold Back Tears

This story is a touching one – Pro Infirmis, a charity organization which aims to support the disabled as much as they can, came up with a very special project of their own. A variety of mannequins in all shapes and sizes were created – with a very specific message to society. These mannequins were displayed in a Swedish storefront for the public to see. But what you didn’t know is that the mannequins weren’t just simply dolls – they represented us.

Image Credit: Pro Infirmis / YouTube

A representative from the Pro Infirmis Executive Board explains that this project was aimed to shape society’s perception. Even though its human nature to chase after perfection and ideals, we need to start to accept the diversity of life – our body types and shapes included. We may be all different, but we’re still humans.

Image Credit: Pro Infirmis / YouTube

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