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Woman Spends Years Transforming Into Giraffe. Here’s What She Looks Like Now (Photos)

This woman looks sane and rational. But, she actually has spent years trying to stretch her neck out so she could look more like a giraffe. We are not kidding. Sydney Smith, 30, had read about the Kayan Lahwi tribes from Burma and Thailand who stretch out the necks of young girls with heavy metal rings.

Once she saw the pictures of the girls with long necks in Thailand, and Burma Smith knew that she had to try that on herself.

In 2011, Smith purchased her first tight-fitting copper ring to help push her collarbone down. Over the next five years, she added more and more rings around her neck. She wore the rings 24/7.

At the peak, she had 15 rings around her neck which weighed five pounds. Smith recently decided to remove all the rings.