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Woman Snowboarding Doesn’t Notice She’s Being Chased By A Bear

Blissfully clueless. That is the title I would give this video. Kelly Murphy had been snowboarding at the Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park near Nagano, Japan when this happened. The video is reportedly a selfie. SO, when the brown bear starts to stalk her – Kelly has no idea! She has her headphones on and is – blissfully clueless.

You can imagine her surprise when she looked back at the footage and saw the bear! Was the video was posted many people were quick to say it was fake. Murphy claims it is not. Bears have been known to make appearances on the ski slopes – especially when they get out of hibernation. So, who is to know?

Take a look at this video!

Fake or not fake, you decide. If nothing else, you will get Rihanna’s song “Work” in your head for a while!

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