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Woman Snaps Photo Of A Stranger On Treadmill In A Gym, Then Mocks Her ‘Love Handles’

You just have to shake your head at the blatant stupidity of people. I guess some people were raised by barbarians and they have no tact or manners. Diana Andrews is a popular bodybuilder from London. She thought she would take a picture of a woman working out and post it. The idea was to inspire people to lose weight.

The caption of her photo read “love handles.” Then she added an insulting comment about buying burgers. How rude! The woman is working out – she has started her weight loss journey – cut her some slack! It wasn’t as if the woman was buying ice cream and using a scooter to get around. Diana later apologized.

Take a look at this video

If she hadn’t posted the picture and the rude comment, she wouldn’t have had to apologize at all. If you can’t think of anything nice to say – Keep your mouth shut!

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