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Woman Sees Man Board Bus With Suspicious Box — Then Realizes What He’s Done

A man got on the bus in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week holding onto a cardboard box very tight. Fellow passenger, Camila Muracchini, was a little anxious about it. The man gave other people furtive glances as he made his way to his seat.

man with box

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Then the box moved – there was something IN the box that was alive. Then Camila heard a bark. The man had a puppy in the box. The bus driver asked if that was a dog – and the man said he had found the pup and was taking him home.

The kind bus driver let it go – he didn’t kick the man off the bus! Camila took photos and shared the story. She was touched by not only the bus driver but by the man who found a homeless dog. This incident helped her realize that there is still some kindness (and love) in the world.

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