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Woman Proves Kind Souls Exist When She Rescues A Life-Changing Smashed Egg!

Could one ever bond with animals? Nope, we’re not talking about just a relationship between Fido and his owner. Can you imagine the joy and excitement in sustaining and creating a parental relationship with a hatchling? Susan Hickman could. One day on 16 June, Susan came across an cracked egg laid on the grounds of her garden. She didn’t know what species it belonged to, until a tiny bird begun to emerge from its shell. It was a Starling. Since leaving the egg back where she found it would mean suicide for the baby bird, Susan took it home and named it Klinger.

Although experienced bird rehabbers warned Susan that Klinger may not survive, but this little bird overcame the odds, thanks to her patient care and her makeshift bird incubator. Susan also made sure that he was properly fed, every 20 to 30 minutes daily – he has never missed a single meal. Within the next few week, Klinger grew, got fuzzy and slowly adapted to his new life with Susan.

View Susan and Klinger’s heartwarming story below!

Klinger could not be released into the wild as he was raised as an only bird, without his mother to imprint on and to learn necessary wildlife survival skills from. The pair now celebrate their third year together.

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