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Woman Rejects Marriage Proposal Because Her Groom-To-Be Didn’t Want Her Dog

A bond between a canine and its owner is a strong one. It would be unimaginable for one to give up his or her beloved pet in exchange for a comfortable life with another. Or is it?

This story is about a woman named Karishma Walia, who annuled her engagement with her former partner as he did not agree with the fact that her dog Lucy was going to live with them. He gave various excuses and even a childish response, proving Karishma’s decision to be a wise one – he was not good enough for her after all!

Proud of her decision despite her parents’ objections, Karishma posted her WhatsApp conversation online.

Image Credit: Facebook

Take at look at their conversation below!

Image Credit: Facebook

As a pet owner myself, I applaud the woman’s decision – her dog is better than any man!

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