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Woman Purposely Delays Her Flight After Spotting A Distressed Stranger

An act of kindness can change someone’s life forever. Shaina Murray from Texas was at the airport to take a flight when she spotted a man named Will. He was laying on ground in distress, and she knew she had to find out what was wrong and help him.

Shaina called for medical assistance and tried to comfort the man, who repeatedly expressed concerns that he was going to miss his flight. As they spoke, Shaina realized that he seemed to be on the autistic spectrum and did what she could to keep him calm. She even went to phone Will’s mom to tell her what was happening.

Calling Will’s mom turned out to be a great idea, as she revealed that a bite to eat and a drink would help him. Shaina then decided to stay with Will until his flight. She had lunch with him and was even able to work with American Airlines in order to have her flight changed. The airport didn’t charge her, even though she would have been more than willing to pay.

Shaina didn’t leave Will’s side and even brought him to his gate and saw him off. Even though they were strangers, Shaina did the best she could to show Will compassion and offer him help when he needed it. She shared her experience on Facebook, and her post went viral.

Many have commended Shaina for her kindness, but she stays humble, expressing her appreciation for Will’s heart of gold and her thanks to American Airlines, the airport medical staff, and the police who helped them out.

Do share this touching story, and may it inspire you to do good deeds, too!