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Woman Starts Praying As Pit Bulls Rip Her Apart – Within Seconds An SUV Comes Rushing Through

In a rural area of Carroll County, Indiana, cousins Isabella George and Rebekah Forgey decided to go for a run on some gravel roads that bordered their grandfather’s property. Things were going along fine – at first, but then four dogs soon appeared. The dogs seemed to think that the girls were trespassing on their property and blocked the road.

The snarling dogs struck fear into the hearts of the girls, who were so close to home. Rebekah said that the dogs circled around them and when she fell, they attacked! Rick Darter, the dogs’ owner, soon appeared on the scene and tried to call off his dogs.

Rick was also attacked. The assault lasted approximately 30 minutes. Rebekah lost part of her scalp, and her right leg was bitten down to the bone. During the attack, Janet Eikenberry happened to be driving nearby when she got out of her vehicle to check on an odd noise. When she heard screaming she got into her Cadillac Escalade and drove straight for the girls.

Rick and Isabella picked Rebekah up and put her in the car while they called 911. A team of nearly two dozen people worked to save Rebekah’s life and leg. She got 150 stitches and had 50 lacerations on her back and arms. The hair on one-third of her scalp will no longer grow any hair, but Rebekah has her leg and her life.

Watch the video below for more details about this scary attack.

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