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Woman Confronted For Parking In Handicap Spot Throws Coffee At Man

Handicapped parking spots are for people with physical disabilities – reasonable people understand this and don’t park in those spots. But, not everyone is reasonable.

This woman parked her car in a handicapped spot in Toronto, Canada.

Ryan Favro saw her do it and actually asked her if she was handicapped.

She said no.

Ryan wasn’t willing to let it go. He keeps asking her questions.

The woman is all defiant until she realizes Ryan is filming the whole thing and has her license plate number!

She threw both of the coffee beverages she just bought at him! Is that assault? Can we add assault to the charges?

Just like a child who gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar – defensive and GUILTY!

Take a look at this video

Please don’t park in the handicapped spots, there are a limited number of those spots available.

Save them for the people who need them.

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