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Woman Opens Her Mailbox And Sees A Pair Of Eyes Watching Her Closely

The huntsman spider is one of the largest species of spider on earth – they live in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Florida, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Natasha Joyce lives in North Bendigo, Australia and found an enormous female huntsman spider living in her mailbox. As if that weren’t bad enough, the momma spider had a sack of eggs she was protecting in there! YIKES!

Joyce didn’t freak out (much braver woman than I) but decided to take care of the spider. She named her Hortense and allowed to live in her mailbox until her babies were born. The neighborhood kids were all happy to help! The video below was taken six weeks after Hortense was found and the babies have finally arrived!

Take a look at this video

Some huntsman spiders can measure 15 centimeters across the legs! Huntsman spiders are not dangerous to humans – but are actually beneficial because they feed on insects.

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