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Woman Murders Her Husband For Insurance Money – Forgets One Important Detail

Sometimes, in the movies, you hear about people killing other people for the insurance money – but does that happen in real life? Yes, it did. Uloma Walker-Curry, 45, had only been married to William Walker for four months when she decided to kill him to get the money from his $100,000 life insurance policy!

Walker-Curry wasn’t going to kill her husband herself – in 2013, she recruited her daughter, 17, her daughter’s boyfriend and two other men to do the deed. One tiny detail was that Walker’s ex-wife was still listed as the beneficiary on the policy! With time, the ‘team’ of murders cracked under pressure of questioning and the sinister plot was uncovered!

Take a look at this video

Walker-Curry was charged with murder and faces life in prison. Please don’t do anything as insane and as cruel as this. The man probably had years to live and this woman knocked him dead. Share away, people.