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Woman Messing Around With Large Snake Instantly Gets A Dose Of Karma

My motto is that if I see a snake, I run the opposite way! Call me chicken that is fine with me! I don’t even care if the snake is non-poisonous or not! The woman in this video is not like me! She saw a snake slithering in her yard in Alabama and decided to do something about it.

I am not sure what she did was a good idea, and in retrospect, she probably doesn’t either! Basically, she harasses the snake, and she gets what is coming to her! The video was posted on YouTube and has gone viral. Once you watch it, you will understand why! But, be warned the payback happens very quick, and you may be caught off guard!

Take a look at this video

After watching, I stand firm with my plan of running the opposite way from any and all snakes! Please don’t mess with snakes, this could have ended badly for her.

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