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Woman Killed After Being Hit By The Car Trying To Save Her Beloved Dog

What would you do for your dog? Would you do everything in your power to save them? Some people do. One woman lost her life trying to help her dog. Jennifer Counterman, 45, loved her yellow Labrador, Dakota, very much. When the six-year-old dog was hit by a car, Jennifer rushed out to help him.

Tragically, she was hit by a car coming from the opposite direction and was killed. Dakota also passed in the accident. There is nothing sadder than this story right now. The tragedy happened in Allegan County, Michigan. Dakota was buried in the family’s backyard – in his favorite spot. The incident is still under investigation.

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woman killed

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Rest in peace, Dakota and Jennifer. The only consolation to this is that Jennifer and Dakota are still together. They crossed over the Rainbow bridge together and will never be apart.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]