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Woman, Who’s Husband Passed Away 2 Years Ago, Receives Flowers. Then She Reads This Note

P.S. I Love you. True love isn’t a fantasy. It is out there. You just have to find it. Read on and learn what true love really looks like. If only we all could be this lucky. Some expressions of love are easy to see – like a bunch of roses sitting on your desk. This is a bouquet of flowers that a woman got on her birthday.

They were from her husband. The most touching part of the story is that her husband had passed away two years before. Before his death, he arranged for his wife to get gifts for her birthday and on holidays so she wouldn’t feel alone. The story was posted by Kayla Miller to the Love What Matter Facebook page.

Take a look at this image

As you can imagine, it spread like wildfire! Share away, people!