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Woman Discovers Creepy Ex-Boyfriend Living in Her Attic

A single mother-of-five named Tracy had heard loud noises and banging from her attic, and went up there to check – and found her ex-boyfriend from 12 years ago.

He had been living there for two weeks despite the ruins and smell of the constricted space.

Tracy was shocked when she realized that this man could potentially endanger her children.

One year prior to his attic lifestyle, Tracy’s ex was doing a couple of odd jobs at her family’s home.

He had just gotten out of jail two weeks before Tracy found him in her attic.

Tracy and her family also had no separate access to their attic – apart from her children’s bedrooms.

This incident has also greatly startled and traumatized her children.

Check out the video below!

Who would have thought that it’ll give people such a scare?

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