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Woman Heard Cries From Trashcan Then Her Heartbreaks When She Sees Plastic Bag

This is a story that is guaranteed first to make you a little sad, then you will feel relief, then you will experience joy! Recently, Georgia Spathoula found a newborn kitten tied inside a bag in a trash can near her home in Greece. Georgia knew exactly who would give the helpless kitten the care it needed, she took it to the neighborhood dog! Yes, we said dog!

dog nurses kitten

Image Credit: Georgia Spathoula

The dog had recently had her own litter of pups, and Georgia knew that the kind dog would happily take in the newborn kitten. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the kitten grows up – what will happen to it? I hope someone takes care of it after the momma dog has done her part.

Please don’t abandon animals, there are organizations that will take your unwanted pet and find it a new home. Give animals a chance at life.