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Woman Goes To The Doctor After Snake Got Stuck In Her Earlobe

I have never really thought I would say this – but there is a friendly snake named Bart. A friendly snake? I don’t know, maybe I just prefer furry pets. Anyway, Bart is a snake who ended up trying to fit through an opening that was a little too small for his body. Look at the picture! YIKES!

Bart’s owner, Ashley Glawe from Portland Oregon shared these images with us on Facebook. Who would have believed her if she hadn’t taken the photos? A snake stuck in your earlobe?

Ashley said that it happened so fast she couldn’t stop it. The staff in the emergency room were able to get Bart free. After numbing Ashley’s earlobe, they stretched it enough that Bart could get out.

Let us hope that Bart never tries this again! For me, I will stick with the furry, four-legged pets! Share away, people.