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Woman Followed A Puppy She Found In The Woods, And He Led Her To A Terrible Discovery

The depths some people sink to is mind boggling. I was raised to love and take care of my dogs. We always had a dog, and my brothers and I would take turns feeding it and taking it out. We never left the dog outside tied up – ever. We always treated our dogs as if they were members of our family.

A Colombian woman was out feeding her chickens when she saw an abandoned puppy. The woman took the pup to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary – turns out her sister is Juliana herself! Juliana told her sister to look around the area some more because there may be other puppies from that litter. Juliana was right, the woman found a whole sack full of puppies!

Some monster had tied them up in a bag and just dumped them, left them to die.

There were three puppies in the bag, plus the one that had escaped.

Juliana estimated that they were only 5-weeks-old. All four were dehydrated, hungry, and infested with fleas.