A stunning and disturbing video has been circulating out of South Korea.


A woman can be seen on security footage throwing a puppy over the counter in a pet store.

Tensions were rising as a dispute broke out between the customer and the owner of the shop.

The footage has been viewed by thousands around the world.

Although the video is quite disturbing, it is being used as an important piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Dispatch, a Korean news website, reports that the puppy suffered a hemorrhage after the fall.


Unfortunately, it did not survive the abuse and passed the following day.

The woman apparently suspected the owner of the pet shop of deception.

The three-month-old puppy was bought in Gangneung, Gangwon, South Korea.

After seeing the Maltese puppy eat its own feces, the woman wrongly assumed that something was wrong.

It is not uncommon for puppies to eat their own droppings.

While healthy dogs grow out of this habit eventually, it is nothing about which to be alarmed.

The woman wrongly assumed that the owner had purposefully engaged in deception about the dog’s health.


She demanded a refund from the owner, but he would not oblige.

He stood by his argument that this behavior was natural for a puppy.

The woman was furious and approached the shop with her husband.

The puppy was carried in a pink bag.

The shop owner continued to stand his ground as the woman complained about the issue.

Suddenly, the woman opened up the bag and threw the dog at the shop owner.


In an interview with Yonhap News, it was revealed that the woman “didn’t know” that the puppy would die from the accident.

She threw the puppy out of anger, but she didn’t want it to be hurt.

She has publically apologized for her actions.