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Woman Is Fixing Cat’s Favorite Toy, But The Cat’s Hilarious Expression Says It All!

Some of our worst critics are our own pets. In my house, my pets are constantly reminding me to do things. Like feed them, love them, give them treats or they have to tell me to take them out. I suppose I make their life a little harder by just being a silly human.

In this video, the cat has to keep a close eye on their human. The kitty’s favorite toy needs a little repair, and it is almost like the cat is a nervous parent. The beloved toy is like the cat’s baby. Every move the human makes is scrutinized. One wrong move and you can imagine the cat calling the whole procedure off!

Take a look at this video

Either that or the cat is jealous that he isn’t allowed to have his toy and just wants to be sure that he gets it back!

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