Woman Finds Strange Blueberry-Like Bugs Outside, No One Knows What They Are

Image Credit: MandyTrichell / YouTube

Let’s face it bugs are not something most people want to have hanging out around the house! A woman named Mandy living in Houston found the bugs on the side of her house. She had never seen anything like them before and took a video of them.

Mandy posted the video on her YouTube page and wanted to see if someone could identify the round bugs. They seem to be moving in a very coordinated way, much like ants do! Funny how they take a few steps then stop, and then start up again! Some people have suggested that they could be kudzu bugs or even southern green stink bug nymphs.

Take a look at this video

But, no one has been able to positively identify them – do you know what they are? Someone out there knows what they are! If that’s you, let us know too! Share away, people!