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Woman With Eye Patch Abandons Sick Dog At Groomer

Dogs are faithful companions who often shower their owners with more affection than they deserve.

This rings undoubtedly true for an English Bulldog and his owner, “Melanie Wichester.”

A woman by the alias of Melanie Wichester brought her dog, who was also given a pseudonym, into an animal grooming establishment in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

When she approached the front desk at Secret Garden Pet Resort, the employees didn’t detect any strange behavior.

After dropping her pup off, Wichester left the store, never to be seen again.

A few hours passed, and there was no sign of Melanie Wichester. When the employees attempted to contact her, they received radio silence.

It didn’t take long for them to connect the dots.

The elderly Bulldog was exhibiting signs of failing health and bore numerous sores on his body.

The pup’s ear infection was another medical condition the owner obviously didn’t want to deal with.

The kind people of Secret Garden Pet Resort were dumbfounded, but the most sensible course of action was to contact the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

From there, the police were notified. The dog eventually made its way to a shelter and is in desperate need of a loving family.

Police have released the footage in hopes of identifying the woman. It appears she’s a red-headed 40-year-old of average height.