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Woman Driving Home From Work Feels A Stroke Coming On, What She Records Could Save Lives

Stacey Yepes was driving home from work when she felt a stroke coming! Yepes had just spent time in an ER two days ago and knew the signs of an impending stroke. They ran tests at the hospital and sent her home. Doctors said it was likely she experienced the symptoms as a result of stress, but, when she felt the sensations return, Stacey was sure it had to do with more than stress.

She pulled over and pulled out her phone and recorded the whole thing! After the episode, she went to a different hospital and got a second opinion and that’s when Stacey was referred to the Krembil Neuroscience Centre (KNC) for further testing. Doctors concluded she had a minor stroke, or a transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Take a look at this video

Mini strokes are caused by blood clots from atherosclerosis. Learn the signs and symptoms of a stroke – it can prevent serious complications, like speech impairment of paralysis! Share away, people.