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Woman Driving Films Two Wolves Running Alongside Her Car On Highway

Once in a lifetime – that is the best way to describe what Rhonda Miller was able to capture on video. Miller lives in Canada’s Northwest Territories, and she was on her way to work when the most amazing thing happened! She saw two black wolves running on the road. Miller says the wolves were running very fast (25-30 mph!) and were not at all concerned about her.

I never knew wolves were so fast! According to, they can run nearly 40 mph! Miller slowed down and was able to capture the moment on video! You have to wonder where the wolves were going in such a hurry. Wolves have always been one of my most favorite animals. So beautiful and majestic.

Take a look at this video

To be able to see them this close would have made my day! Thank you for sharing this Rhonda!

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