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Sick Woman Who Claimed To Be An Animal Rescuer Gets Arrested When Authorities Raid Her Home

This woman, is Vickie West, 63, from Fayetteville, Arkansas. West claimed to be a rescuer of dogs and cats. She would take animals that were at high risk of being euthanized from shelters in Texas and move them to different rescue groups. Tragically, a cat and 25 dogs were found living in filthy conditions at her home.

There were also three dead dogs inside the home. The authorities had to wear protective gear when they entered the home because conditions inside were so poor. The inside of the house was covered with urine and feces. Most of the dogs on the property were thin and covered in animal waste.

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The animals were all returned to the shelters they came from after West voluntarily surrendered them all. Maybe she meant well, but just got in over her head. In any case, West now faces two counts of animal cruelty and aggravated cruelty.

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