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People Can’t Stop Laughing At What This Woman Was Caught Shoving Into Her Pants

Shoplifting isn’t usually obvious, until one woman decided to make her attempt deathly obvious.

She had tried to shoplift from a local Ikea store – with the use of her spandex pants!

Her name was Sierra Coleman, a 28-year-old woman hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Her item of interest? A frying pan.

She had tried to stuff a large $30 frying pan down her pants and tried to sashay out of the store!

Of course, she got caught by one of the staff members, and she bit him in an attempt to get away.

When a female employee approached, Coleman grabbed her shirt. The staff then threatened to charge her with assault along with theft if she had continued to do so.

Coleman had an accomplice, but her friend abandoned her and got away once the police were notified.

Check out the video below!

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