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Woman Calls The Police On Black Man Babysitting 2 White Kids After Spending All Day Following Him

Corey Lewis was aware there was this white woman on the parking lot of a Walmart outlet in Marietta, Georgia staring at him.

She was closely watching Lewis from inside her Kia sedan as he held two white children to his car.

He got the kids settled on their seats at the back. He also got in front of the car, buckled up and was ready to drive when he still could see the woman looking at him.

So, Lewis decided to open up his phone and post a Facebook live broadcast from the parking lot.

He narrated that there was a strange woman seemingly stalking him.

She actually approached her on the way inside the store to ask if the kids were okay.

A few minutes later, the woman came back to ask Lewis if she could speak with the children.

But when he said no, then it got pretty weird really fast as the woman would not stop following him.

woman calls cop on black man

As he drove out of the parking lot, he could still see the woman’s sedan on his trail. When he got to a gas station, her car was also there.

The woman even followed Lewis all the way home and then to his surprise, a police officer from Cobb County showed up on the doorstep.

Apparently, the woman called in the cops to report Lewis because he was a black man with two white children.

The police had to look into the report, which included asking the children, ages 10 and 6 years old, if they were indeed alright.

The police also called the children’s parents, David Parker and Dana Mango, who were beyond shocked about what happened.

woman calls cop on black man

It turns out that the couple has been hiring Lewis to babysit their kids. In fact, their 10-year-old son is part of Lewis’ mentorship program.

The parents think that Lewis was wronged in this situation because he was stalked, harassed and even mistakenly questioned by the police.

The parents also felt terrible for Corey, who’s known around the community as the friendliest All-American guy who’s really great with children.

They were having dinner when they got the call from the cops.

The Cobb couple were so appalled to learn that their children have been subjected to questioning by the police, which might have terrified them.

woman calls cop on black man

They told the press that they wanted to give the woman who reported Lewis to the police the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe she was indeed trying to protect the children but her assumptions, which led cops to their home, could leave a lasting mark on the kids.

Thankfully, the children seem well-adjusted.

The little girl even told the press that she would ask the woman to sit with them if she ever tried to stalk them again.

Sgt. Wayne Delk, the officer who responded to the report, confirmed that they visited Lewis to check on the children because of the call.

They did not, however, reveal the identity of the woman.