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This Photo Of A Woman At An Airport Is Going Viral. Look Closer And You’ll See Why (Photo)

This is a viral photo. Doesn’t look like much – right? There is nothing more to see (no hidden image or hidden things to search for). It is just a woman buying an airline ticket. The caption is what has made this image so popular. The caption tells the story of a man who was trying to get on a plane with his two-year-old daughter.

His daughter’s ticket would not be free of charge (when he had reserved the tickets his daughter was one – but she turned two in January – so, her ticket was no longer free). The man was overwhelmed with emotion.

He couldn’t afford another ticket. He got out of line and made some phone calls. Then the woman in the picture approached the heartbroken man. She spoke to him briefly and then went to the ticket counter and bought a plane ticket for the little girl!