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Woman Who Weighs Over 245 KG Is Determined To Break The Record Of World’s Biggest Hips

Many of us would like to be remembered for breaking a world record. Bobby-Jo Westley from York, Pennsylvania wants that so badly that she is willing to endanger her life for it. Westley is determined to beat the world record for the world’s biggest hips, but it’s been doing her health severe damage.

Weighing in at 542 lbs, Westley’s doctors have warned her that her health is constantly in jeopardy and that she could pass away from a complication at any given moment.

Image Credit: Facebook

Westley began gaining weight when she developed an underactive thyroid condition, and since then, has decided to run straight for the biggest hips record.

Image Credit: skoften / Twitter

She loses breath easily, has to go sideways through doors and up and down stairs, is almost perpetually bound to her home, can barely move, and can’t perform a lot of basic daily tasks.

Image Credit: Facebook

While she does worry about her health and admits to fearing death, she isn’t ready to throw in the towel until she has taken home the record.

Image Credit: DKISS / Twitter

Westly considers her hips a unique, defining feature of hers, and was surprised when she started amassing fans who were in love with her body’s shape, including men who would send her marriage proposals, even though she’s already married herself!

Some have even paid her huge amounts to be crushed under her weight. While Westley recognizes the risks of her ambitions, she will not quit until she achieves her goal, though she may opt for a gastric bypass once she does.

Image Credit: Facebook

For now, she enjoys her newfound fame and fans and hopes to make it to the record alive.

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