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Woman Asks Her Dog What’s In His Mouth And His Response Is So Funny (Video)

Tater tots are those lovely barrel shaped, crispy, crunchy, potato gems that are the perfect accompaniment to most any meal. The “Tater Tot” is a registered trademark of Ore-Ida. Most kids love to eat them – as do many adults. But humans are not the only ones who enjoy the fried potato goodness! Take Chase, the dog, for example.

Maria, his human, noticed that a few of her tater tots had gone missing. When she looked at Chase, he had that guilty look, and she asked him what was in his mouth. With an embarrassed look, Chase opened his mouth to reveal the contents! It is quite impressive how many tots Chase had in there!

Take a look at this video!

Why did he hold them in his mouth and not gulp them down? I wonder if he was allowed to eat them – I am certain that Maria didn’t want them at that point!

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