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Woman Arrested For Shooting Gun In Grass To Save Neighbor’s Dog From Getting Raped

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees citizens of the United States the right to bear arms.

But this right doesn’t come without a large measure of responsibility too.

In Centerton, Arkansas, Kerrie Lenkerd, 40, saw a 14-year-old sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog (not the first time either).

So, she went outside with her gun and shot into the grass to warn him.

He ran and left his iPad at the scene. Lenkerd called the police and was subsequently charged with aggravated assault, had her guns seized, and told not to have further contact with the teen.

Witnesses recall seeing the teen run away from the scene in boxer shorts and a T-shirt.

Seems to me that Lenkerd used her weapon in a responsible way.

Take a look at this woman

woman shoots grass

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She didn’t shoot the teen but did stop him from committing a serious crime.

The teen has been charged with two counts of bestiality.

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