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Wolves Close In After Exhausted Man Collapses In The Woods

Do you stop and sit to watch advertisements on television? Some people don’t care for them but some find that these ads are far more entertaining that today’s popular programs.

One such advertisement that’s definitely a must-watch comes from the Shangri-La hotel chain.

This establishment has been awarded and lauded for its service and hospitality in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Perhaps it’s also time the hotel should be awarded for its imaginative TV commercials.

wolves close in

The ad opens with a man walking in a snowy weather and it’s the kind that looks like a polar vortex anomaly.

Only, the man is coming down from a mountainous region and he’s struggling to find a shelter.

He settles for a secluded spot under the trees and tries to light a match to give him warmth.

But the small flicker of light coming from a stick is no match for the harsh winter climate.

He also tries to get warmth from his flashlight but the battery eventually dies on him

wolves close in

Cold, hungry and exhausted from walking a tough terrain, the man ends up falling down on the ground’s thick snow.

Did he pass out or did he finally give in to sleep? It’s hard to tell what’s really going on.

Meanwhile, a few seconds later the music builds up and wolves are heard howling nearby.

Their sound draws closer and closer until the animals reach the man.

One by one, the wolves inspect the figure on the ground who remained oblivious to what’s going on around him.

If he was only wide awake, he’d likely be scared of their glowing eyes.

wolves close in

The wolves appeared to prepare to attack the sleeping man.

But to the viewers’ surprise, the animals moved to settle next to the guy so he could cozy up amid the cold surroundings.

When the man opens his eyes, he was surprised to find that he had wolves sleeping next to him.

At first, he tried to move cautiously for fear that the canines would wake up and bite, but he soon realized they were there to protect and give him warmth.

wolves close in

The camera panned to show the formation of the wolves. It looked like they man was perfectly tucked and snug in a bed of furry animals.

Shangri-La wanted the wolves to represent the feeling of what’s it like to stay in their hotel.

Being away from home can be dangerous but with Shangri-La feels very much comfortable – just like home!

According to Shangri-La in the Behind-the-Scenes video they wanted the final moments to evoke a feeling of closeness and generosity.

But during the actual shoot, they did encounter animals from the wilderness so they had to build a fence around the set.

They also used a real trained canine to show the magnificence of these animals.

During the filming, the wolves were actually given time to play in the snow while the crew set up for the next scenes.