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Wolf Was Kept Alone In A Cage For Years – See The Moment He Realizes He’s Rescued

This is Bear, a wolf. Isn’t he a handsome specimen? I just love wolves. They are social animals, like dogs, and live in packs. Sadly, Bear was living alone at a roadside attraction in Pennsylvania. He had been denied the company of other wolves all for the sake of ‘entertainment.’

Bear lived most of his life with cement under his paws and behind bars at the Animaland Zoological Park located in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.

wolf rescued

Image Credit: Jason Putsche

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) found out about him and worked until they got him set free! They also were able to rescue several other animals being housed at the park, one was a Siberian Tiger.

ALDF is based out of San Fransisco and works around the country to protect the interests of animals. They have been advocating for stronger anti-cruelty laws.