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‘Wobbly’ Kitten Who Couldn’t Stand Or Eat Gets A Second Chance Thanks To This Woman

Special needs kittens are a handful. They are not for everyone. The kitty in this video, Budd, was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). According to, CH takes place when the part of the brain which is responsible for controlling motor skills and coordination, the cerebellum, isn’t fully mature at birth.

CH is non-progressive (meaning it won’t get worse with age) and happens if the mother cat contracts the Panleukopenia virus while she is pregnant. The great thing about this story is that Budd has such a fierce spirit! He attacks those feather toys just like any other kitten would! That never give up attitude and face the world with determination outlook is amazing!

Watch the video below

It shows how Budd grew up with CH and how he is today. Budd is a happy cat with a loving family – and that is all that matters!

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